Burning wih the flame bright and red

The moth paid the price for going too close to the tempting light ,

Do still wonder about that night?               Or was it just another silly night ?           

Like the moth drawn to the flame             it was the greed that got us played              

It is one of the deadly sins ,waiting for the moment to strike on our vulnerable minds just like the tides   luring you deep inside.

Passion was the mask ,maybe lust played his role right by masking  a fellow sin from our naked eyes


“Time will heal” really ? Will you ever just forget how it feels?to sit and wonder about all those things you now want to forget, all the quickened heartbeats that you felt with just a mention .Do you really wanna forget?maybe we just want to trick our minds into thinking that we’ve forgotten and how good it felt to forget.

It’s like quicksand with every effort we keep sinking that’s how it is when you try to forget it all you are actually thinking about all of it again 

Don’t you ?every time you tell your self to not remember it you actually recall all of it. It’s how vulnerability works

We need to accept than forget. Need to accept that how much better it is to let go and stay still too many efforts can just end up torturing us maybe standing still and basking in the fact that it’s over is what we need 

This is quicksand!stand still and see what will happen accept it for once and you’ll be done .

Faded light

The dirty window sill was still the same

broken edges and  faded paint

 maybe somethings never change. 

Over a decade ago this static room

was all we had with memories still intact

small things and all the tiny details
this room couldn’t forget them

from the mischiefs and friendly banter 

to the fights and falling asleep at night

these walls kept us tucked in tight

now all I see is lost light why didn’t

we bother holding on tight ?

why did we ever let this go ?

can we ever recover the lost hope?

Fast Forward

Fast forward it to when this all ends

fast forward to when the night won’t end with a sour note and lost thoughts

to when the stars won’t weep

to when the light won’t leave

to when the fall is finally over

to when the darkness won’t last longer

so let’s fast forward it when we don’t mind falling and getting up still laughing for life  

fast forward it to when we’ll get over this mess 

fast forward it to my heaven a safe place where I can reside

 a place my where my eyes won’t weep for all things things I couldn’t reach

fast forward it to when the days are of light when only brightness is the life where we don’t fall on our knees for love

 fast forward it to the days that I will call mine 

fast forward it to the days when I can live 

fast forward it to the days of my flight and morning light

Dead End

Standing at the dead end

I considered the things behind

looking over my shoulder and then

to the pages still clutched in my hand

my mind couldn’t fathom this urge

to run back to the place I left behind

this was a battle I lost ages ago

my mind still lingered on the scene

and my heart felt a pang of conscience

after all the culprit was just half at fault

this end was all I sought 

and still my mind fought 

these things weren’t in his logical pot

some matters don’t bother him

maybe defeat is what he fears

maybe the end is actually near

isn’t that what we all fear??

M for Mistress

I used to be power and authority

I used to be the dominant one.

You couldn’t handle it 

so now I’m the other one

Kept they say

home wrecker ,Yes I’m the one

Your puppet to play with every night and hide in morning light

I’m the vicious one 

I’m the sinner

I’m the succubus 

not the dominant one

Likely Sins

I opened the door and quietly sneaked in he wasn’t there on the couch waiting like always and I’m glad he wasn’t there to see his faithful wife in a short LBD covered in filth just like him after all it was the same sin, they were both sinner Satan and Lucifer .The bedroom lights were on and I could see the messed up sheets and used towels the same sight every night the obvious activity visible what an irony sinner was pointing out another’s sin, it still hurts like a bitch.Liar we both were serial liars if that’s a thing and so lied again dinner with the investors was perfect just like ‘ I left office early baby ‘was perfectly imperfect.
I turned the baby monitor on and replayed the noon clip my heart lurched my baby was fast asleep with her kiki cat but the nanny wasn’t nor was husband .The same room same people different souls one pure and another impure , I could see his hand moving down her back and knew it was enough turned it off and went to the room Mr Husband was fast asleep in his suit and I couldn’t stop my giggle ‘what a fool’my conscious chuckled and my heart wept so I moved forward to wards the centre of my universe sleeping with kiki like an angle in the world of fallen angles so pure and bright like the morning light

I kissed her and wept for all that we lost and for the remaining salvage .

After all we chose our sins.

wrote for TTT 

awaiting reply 

Blank Pages

“Could you just move this please?”

I looked up towards the source of this voice and fuck I dropped the stack looking into the same chocolate brown and my heart sank.

“Ma’am are you okay ?”

I ran… my stack was on the floor pages all over I tried to pick them up 

“Let me help you !”

“No !don’t fucking touch it” I exclaimed lowering my baseball cap 

This can’t be I need to run .So I did picking up whatever I could and dropping pages all over

“Wait your pages !Shit ”

I heard as the door closed and I exhaled ,this can’t be and it shouldn’t be after all these years and my world was about to shatter yet again. 

‘This is why you keep running you can’t stop!’ my subconscious chided me.How can I be so careless I knew coming back was a big mistake and still I took this chance why ?

‘Because you wanted to collide again’my subconscious was a bitch ,one true bitch and after this episode I can’t bare another second in this place I need to get out before they catch me.

I looked back through the window and couldn’t help but smile .

It was worth it and I knew it.

The chocolate brown still tugged my heart strings  and it hurt like a bitch 

Taking a deep breath and gathering my wits and I moved towards the rental and away..faraway to a place .

Someday that’s when we meet again some day.

A lonely night

when the stars weren’t bright

you crept in my mind like 

the morning light that shines bright 

a dark thought kept looming

you  were right about the light

it wasn’t dark nor was it bright

just a lonely night when the 

stars didn’t shine

my mind didn’t like the gloomy night

a simple thought mixed with your light

kept me up at in this lonely night

because the stars didn’t shine

Parallel Thoughts

Somewhere between the lines

you were different for your kind

and I had a few things in mind

some different around the blurred lines

for the change that we craved and

 a longing that wasn’t actually grave

we fought for the same spot so that

the rhythm wasn’t lost

the hope was endless 

but we were nearly hopeless

the darkness and the ray of hope

we ran  parallel hence never crossed

if we did cross! it would be a lost cause

for the parallel in our thoughts

the ends were never sought.

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