A little support

Fuck you for the damn betrayal 

Fuck you for using me

Leaving me like a day old issue

Left in the thrash to be thrown out.

Like everyone you’ve used before 

I never thought you’d use your own  

Your blood and made sure to prove me wrong 

Then again maybe I was the only one

Caring and getting fucked for caring too much 

I was busy being your rock

I was being a fool who always had your back

All your lies ,I covered them up

All your mess, I cleaned it up

And you made sure you leave me when I needed you the most

All I ever asked for was a little support.

That’s all I ever asked for.

A little support .



Forever will I wonder 


Why did you leave?

Why did you left me standing here ?

When you promised you’d stay here right next to me?


Want V.s Need

It’s so weird that we humans forget the basic terminology when it comes to our emotions.           

Want and Need                                                              Two complete different words and we  never confuse them on day to day basis then why do we mess them up?

Needs are like necessity and want it’s deliberate… a step above need, our desire. 

When someone tells you “they need you”… you’re like a necessity to function or they perceive for you to be                   But when they say “they want you” …it’s a deliberate decision. 

Don’t just be someone’s need let them want you because you deserve better.


I’ve wondering lately about how good were we, how good it could be?

Do you wonder about me ? How I’m crazy and how I smiled?

I wonder about you.  Your nonchalant smile , that small eye roll you did every time.

I wonder a lot maybe because I’m hurt 

Maybe because I did feel .

Maybe because we were never meant to be

Maybe because I knew it would hurt.

Maybe because I knew you were trouble.



Are you going to stay 

When I look like a homeless wreck?

Are you going to stay 

When I’m a total mess ?

If yes, then I promise it’s a worthy mess

And I promise I will stand by you when nothing is perfect because it might be all a mess but your my mess.


I’m painfully observant 

It’s curse to be observant. 

I notice all the little details. 

When you smile and the way your tongue brushes your lips 

When you read that page and your eyes light up .

When you’re  angry and you  roll your eyes.

How you  unconsciously touch your collar when you’re worried .

How you can’t  stop nodding when disinterested .

How you fake laugh at my lame jokes.

How you hold your breadth when we are close .

How you squeeze my hand when I’m nervous. 

How you smell like home.

It’s painful how observant I am and was 

How I noticed when you stopped smiling with your eyes

How you stopped squeezing my hand.

How you stopped laughing at my antics. 

How you stopped smelling like home

I hate how painfully observant I am and was.